We are Middle East's first Kids’ research and consulting firm.


WE LIVE AND BREATHE KIDS, and have committed ourselves to helping brands build the strongest bonds with these mini consumers, in a futuristic and responsible way.


Kids of today are influencing almost all family decisions, much beyond the categories of their direct interest.  And interestingly, the parents are more than welcoming of the kids opinion and influence. With such undeniable influence, the need is to take them seriously, as consumers as well as influencers, even more than the adults.


Research has proven, that the kids' brains are twice as active as the adults. And, based on their stage of cognitive development, they have different skills in forming relationships and in ways they understand the world. They build strong preferences but are usually transient. They speak their mind, but most of the times what they speak is difficult to understand. 


At tiffinBOX, DEMYSTIFYING THESE MINI SUPER-CONSUMERS IS A WAY OF LIFE. We constantly fill the tiffinBOX with the most relevant Insights and we do this in an uber fun way. 


We are also proud to be associated with SixthFactor Consulting, region’s most innovative market research and consulting firm, rooted in Neuroscience and Behavioural economics.

'Play' is the highest form of research 


- Albert Einstein

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